Saturday, May 1, 2021

Gingka's Story in Beyblade: New Dawnings

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing great!

Made some good progress on my new story called "Beyblade: New Dawnings" about one of the most nostalgic characters in the series, Gingka Hagane. Gingka was the main character for the Beyblade Metal Series, but unfortunately, readers who've read the manga and viewers who've watched the anime alike can tell that the author wanted to end the series in Metal Fury, but we got another sequel, Shogun Steel.

Personally, I don't really think Shogun Steel is that great of a sequel simply because the characters had really poor character development, and the story seemed super rushed which didn't aim towards a meaningful ending. But, by giving the fans a bit of context of what happened in "the past 7 years", I feel like they would enjoy the series a lot more than how it ended now.

Anyways, here is the story that I made: